Low PIM Indoor Distributed
Antenna Solutions

We provide all necessary componants to build Low PIM indoor distributed antenna solutions.

All components, connectors, cables, tappers, couplers, Wilkinson, splitters etc are selected because of low Passive Intermodulation (PIM). This allows to build sustainable and future proof distributed antenna networks.

All PIM values are measured against IM3 (dBc@2*43dBm) and are lower than ≤-150dBc. Permissable power is 200W, Impedance 50Ω, all products are rated IP66.

Please find below a selection of our vast product portfolio for your reference:

ComponentHybrid CouplerDiplexer TriplexerWilkinson DividerDirectional CouplerTapperPower Splitter
Applicationaddition of signals even in same bandcombining of separate signal bandssymmetrical low power signal dividingunequal signal dividingunequal signal dividingequal signal splitting
Typical Isolation30 – 35 dB30 – 70 dB20 dB20 dB directivityn/an/a
Power Ratinghigh (200 W)10 W to 250 Wlowhighhighhigh
Available Types2 x 2
3 x 3
4 x 4
cellular / W-LAN
cellular / cellular
cellular / LTE
2 way
3 way
4 way
various coupling valuesvarious dividing values2 way
3 way
4 way
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