Anechoic Chamber RF Measurements in UAE

We offer RF measurements in our Anechoic Chamber

OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY has designed, built, and operates its Anechoic Chamber in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We offer RF measurement of antennas, filters, absorbers, electronic equipment EMC/EMI performed under internationally recognized standards like IEEE STD 149-2021, MIL-STD-461D, ISO 17025, etc. These standards define key performance indicators like antenna pattern, gain, shielding efficiency, quiet zone and many more parameters.

Anechoic Chamber RF measurements

In our Anechoic Chamber, the influence of surrounding sources of radio signals, reflecting objects and electric fields are eliminated. We offer measurement within our double-walled Faraday-Cage with non-reflective, RF echo suppressing absorbers for performing antenna and other electronic equipment measurements. With our Anechoic Chamber we can provide exact measurement values with minimal tolerance which are only defined by the limits of measurement equipment and not by the measurement environment and external sources anymore.

Our service includes the planning of the test scenario, in-house manufacturing of fixtures and accessories, provision of reference antennas, setup, calibration, etc. which allows us to address your needs with lowest cost and shortest lead times.

Our Anechoic Chamber and its equipment are mechanically and electronically calibrated to achieve reliable and repeatable results with highest accuracy.

Key features

  • Frequency Range I: 0.2 GHz – 8 GHz
  • Frequency Range II: 5 GHz – 20 GHz
  • Dimensions (outer / inner): L 8m/7m, W 4.5m/3.5m, H 3.8m/2.8m
  • Nearfield and Farfield Measurements
  • Absorption Level 25 – 35 dB
  • VNA (2-port and 4-port)
  • Static Positioner
  • Dynamic Tx and Rx Positioner (4 axis)
  • Mechanical resolution: linear 0.1mm, radial 0.01 degree
  • Automated operation for QA procedures
  • Measurement data base for traceability of all tests performed
  • Generation of test reports and SxP files
  • Generation of 2D and 3D visualization of test results
  • Radar Cross Section (RCS) measurements
  • Passive Intermodulation (PIM)
AEC 2022 02 18 131842

Antenna Measurement Test Results

We provide a detailed explanation of your test results and a test report together with a recommendation in case your DUT could have performed better. This recommendation may help to improve the performance of your product. Antenna measurements are performed according to the test plan and can provide the following characteristics which are important for the overall antenna performance:

  • Radiation pattern
  • Directivity
  • Beam Width
  • Polarization
  • Isolation
  • Input impedance
  • S-Parameters
  • Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR)
  • Impedance Matching (Smith Chart)
  • Gain
  • Efficiency
  • Effective Isotropically Radiated Power (EIRP)
  • Antenna noise temperature

For these antenna parameter measurements different test setup arrangement may be required. OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY produces all necessary components for specific test setup inhouse. However standard products or reference antennas are provided by re-known manufacturers.

Antenna Measurement Procedure

Our antenna measurement is performed in four major steps and can be understood as the experimental validation of theoretically designed antenna. The calibration measurement setup uses a transmitting antenna and a receiving antenna with known characteristics. After calibration for the measurement either transmitting or receiving antenna is replaced by DUT.

  1. After receipt of purchase order a test plan is created and sent for your approval before any measurements in our Anechoic Chamber.
  2. After approval of the test plan the requirements and tools for the actual measurement will be put in place.
  3. The measurement will be performed as per test plan.
  4. Measurement reports will be created detailing the performance of your product. Our measurement reports will be shared and explained (if needed).

Applicable Standards

Our measurement procedures are following and are compliant with the following standards:



IEEE STD-149-2021

IEEE Recommended Practice for Antenna Measurements (most comprehensive document)


This standard establishes the design requirements for the control of the electromagnetic emission and susceptibility characteristics of electronic, electrical, and electro-mechanical equipment and subsystems designed or procured for use by activities and agencies of the Department of Defense. Such equipment and subsystems may be used independently or as an integral part of other subsystems or systems.

ISO 10012

Measurement Management Systems, Requirements for Measurement Process and Measurement Equipment


Military Standard of Attenuation Measurement for Enclosures, Electromagnetic Shielding and for Electronic Test Purposes

IEEE STD 1502-2020

IEEE Recommended Practice for Radar Cross-Section Measurement and Test Procedures

CISPR 16-1-4

S-VSWR Site Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (1 GHz – 18 GHz)

EN 61000-4-3

Field Uniformity (26 MHz – 18 GHz)

EN 50147-1

Anechoic Chamber Shield Attenuation Measurement (10 kHz – 40 GHz)

Please tell us about your requirements for measurements in our Anechoic Chamber.

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