Low PIM RF Terminators
and Variable Attenuators

Low PIM RF terminators and variable attenuators allow tuneable or entire absorption of RF signals. The energy of RF waves is transformed into heat. Low PIM attenuators do not reflect RF signals and therefore help to avoid increase of unwanted noise levels in RF networks.

For qualified SNR applications, low PIM 50Ω terminators and attenuators are deployed throughout every DAS network. 

Variable attenuators are often used to fine-tune networks and in test & measurement. All PIM values of our terminators and attenuators are measured against IM3 (dBc@2*43dBm) and are lower than ≤-150dBc. 

Permissible power is depending on the model and range from 2W to 200W. Higher rated attenuator up to 2000W are available on request.

All terminators have an impedance of 50Ω and are rated IP65.

TerminatorProduct IDPictureConnectorFrequency (MHz)VSWRWeight
Tapper1 html 5d3eee41ed706534
N maleDC-3GHz1.234g
10 Watts13001768
Tapper1 html 6d8b4c249df1c3d5
N maleDC-3GHz 1.290g
25 Watts13001769
Tapper1 html 71b4f3789e2aa118
N maleDC-3GHz 1.25210g
50 Watts13001770
Tapper1 html 35e86d2efca6343f
N maleDC-3GHz 1.2304g
100 Watts13001771
Tapper1 html b24f039b4ddbb511
N maleDC-3GHz 1.21.3kg
200 Watts13001772
Tapper1 html bb971ea6260151f8
DIN femaleDC-3GHz 1.22.0kg
2 Watts
0-10dB Tunable
Tapper1 html 8d8cc7c954f505eb
N femaleDC-3GHz 1.21.0kg
2 Watts
0-10dB Tunable
Tapper1 html e9790aa4db6f4e72
SMA femaleDC-3GHz 1.21.0kg
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