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Fiber Optic Assembling
FO Polishing Machine

Our Fiber Optic Assembly Production Concept is a comprehensive solution which includes planning, installation, training and maintenance of fiber optic production sites allowing you to manufacture your own fiber optic assemblies. This polishing machine allows you get high quality end phase for 2.5 mm OD ferrules with PC/APC like:FC, SC, ST and for 1.25 mm OD ferrules with PC/APC like:LC, MU, MT, mini-MT, MTRJ, MPO, MTP,  MPX.

Continuously updating knowledge levels of our partners is key to optimize costs, reliable processes and competitive, high-quality cable assembly products. We are offering a broad portfolio of manufacturing equipment which allow our clients to operate semi-automated cable assembly production lines.

Your Benefits

  • High availability of components and consumables
  • Qualified support in equipment evaluation and production layout
  • Efficient FO assembly termination processes by OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY LLC
  • Annual qualtity inspection and certification process for quality and process supervision
  • External and internal assembly line trainings at any time on request
Automatic Dispenser Solution
End Face Interferometer Measurement

As part of our Fiber Optic Assembly Production Concept we are providing high quality testing, quality assurance and analysis tools for optical inspection of connector and fiber end-faces.

This fiber optic interferometer tool comes with the following automatic measurement features:

  • 0° – 12° APC angle auto tuning
  • Simple and friendly interfaces
  • Excellent 3D images
  • Auto centering images
  • Cleave Angle Measurement
  • High Efficiency: scan cycle time 1 second
  • Auto statistic of CpK & yield lost
  • Additional 6 value-added measurement to expand quality evaluation

For product information and planning of your new assembly production line we kindly request you to contact us.

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