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No matter, whether an electrical or fiber optical, AC, DC, RF or microwave connectivity is required, we will provide “THE” Optimal Connectivity Solution for your business. This is why we have chosen our company name to be OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY which expresses our offering at the best.  

We are providing turnkey solutions, services, and components.


Since 2016 OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY LLC operates under an UAE Industrial license enabling us to manufacture your solution and products within the UAE.

In-Country Value (ICV)

OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY  received in 2023 its ICV certificate.
The National In-Country Value (ICV) Program aims to achieve strategic localisation of supply chain and development of new local industries and services. It aims to stimulate and attract foreign investments, diversify the economy, create valuable job opportunities in the private sector and contribute to the growth of the national GDP. The ICV certificate is issued to certified companies after evaluating their contribution to the local economy. Certified companies gain advantages during the awarding of tenders and contracts based on their ICV score.

ISO Certifications


OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY is certified for:

ISO 9001:2015 for Quality Management System

ISO 14001:2015 for Environmental Management 

ISO 45001:2018 for Occupational Health & Safety

The company was established in 2008 by Dr. M. Gnoth and Mr. Abdul Majeed Mohammed Al Ansari. With decades of technical and commercial experience we speak the same language as our clients. Based on our background we have a sound understanding of your needs and requirements. This enables us to design the best solutions for your business.

Dr Michael Gnoth Portrait

Dr. Michael Gnoth 

Mr Abdul Majeed Al Ansari opt1

Mr. Abdul Majeed Mohammed Al Ansari 


OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY LLC is representing products and brands from European, American, and OC2ME-approved manufacturers. First of all, our solutions are based on high quality products which we are integrating to create connectivity solutions for our clients.

From our regional head office in Dubai, we are serving our sales partners, distributors, and clients throughout the entire MENA region. Our highly motivated employees are prepared to provide best-of-class service to our clients.

Ensuring the highest level of quality our team offers innovative cutting-edge quality solutions to serve with best-of-class products, knowledge and work based on state-of-the-art methods. 

It has long been proven that Quality is Key to our Business and our Operations. Local manufacturing “Made in UAE” and our ICV Certificate are underlining our commitment to the best quality products, the fastest delivery, customer orientation and local implementation.


Our Values:

  • First Class Quality – we do not compromise
  • Punctuality – as time is money, we deliver on time
  • Trust – we run our business on mutual trust and respect
  • Accountability – based on our medium and long term strategy
  • Excellence – exceeding expectations through teamwork and innovation
  • Collaboration – we team with people who we can share common values and goals

To our understanding, these “old values” are serving as the basis for long-term and reliable business relationships. At OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY, our values origin from our founding belief, that every client deserves the best quality and service available.

Our motto:
"Nothing is impossible!"

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