Fiber Management

OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY is offering high-density fiber optic cable management systems for indoor, central office and outside plant (OSP) applications. For cross-connect applications ODFs with a depth of 300 mm with front access or side access can provide a maximum capacity 1800 LC-Duplex ports per rack (100 cassettes with 36 ports each) or 3600 LC-Duplex ports per floor tile (600 mm x 600 mm) when placed back to back.

ODFs can be provided in different width (max. 1500 mm) and height  measures (max. 2500 mm) with no rear access required. 

Cross connections are done in a fast and easy way. Any cable slack is routed into a dedicated slack storage area.  Overhead and under-floor fiber ducting are key in modern data centers as they are protecting the fibers and allow safe and proper cable routing.

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