OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY provides robust impact-resistant fiber reinforced polycarbonate (PC GF5) outdoor cabinets with excellent weather resistance are available with a big amount of variations and accessories. 

Our outdoor cabinets are used since ever in Middle East by telecom operators, utility companies and government entities. They provide safe operation due to dust-free interior, head-mounted passive and active cooling elements.

Main Features:

  • IP 68
  • Extremely durable (> 25 years)
  • No water condensation (DIN 47609)
  • Low weight
  • Electrically insulating enclosure material
  • Modular design and easy installation
  • Variable features and a wide range of accessories
  • RoHS and REACH compliant and 100% recyclable

Download Catalogues:

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Outdoor cabinets
Outdorr cabinet 2
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