Fiber Optic Assembly
(FCA - IEC 60332 Outdoor)
FCA IEC 60331 Drum

FCA – IEC 60332 Outdoor cable assemblies are ready-to-use fiber optic cable assemblies which are flame retardant. FCA – IEC 60332 Outdoor assemblies are used in environments where flame propagation along the assembly is prohibited like with riser cables in vertical cable conduits.

Our Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies FCA-IEC60332 are equipped with cable dividers, which are designed and manufactured for OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY to perfectly match our customer requirements of strength, flexibility and best fiber protection.


  • From 2 to 144 fibers (SM and MM)
  • Small outer diameter
  • Robust design
  • IEC 60332: Flame retardant
  • Different cable types available
  • All standard connector types can be assembled like LC, E2000, SC, ST, FC in PC an APC ferrule designs.
FCA IEC 60331 Cable Divider
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