Dielectric Constant and Loss
Tangent Measurements

We do Dielectric Constant and Loss Tangent Measurements

Determining material properties often also requires knowing the Dielectric Constant and the Loss Tangent as these vital material characteristic related to material behavior within electromagnetic fields.

The dielectric constant describes a property of a given material to work as a capacitor, which means its capability to store small quantities of energy. It is important to measure this capability over the respective frequency range. The loss tangent is a value for the loss of energy encountered by the process of charging and discharging a capacitor.

There are different ways to measure dielectric properties, however OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY is using so-called suspended ring-resonator method to determine these material characteristics. The dielectric properties of printed circuit boards (PCBs), antenna components and antenna radomes are critical for their functioning.  Also, in test and measurement, these material properties are playing a vital role when absorption and transmission parameters are defined.

Measuring dielectric properties

Our measurement capabilities are covering a wide frequency range up to 8.6 GHz. The materials we are measuring are predominantly polymer sheets, but other materials like composites, ceramics, polymer films etc. can be investigated.

We are using our vector network analyzers (VNA) together with ring-resonators and other fixtures to measure the probe in a non-destructive way.

Interpreting VNA measurement results to derive dielectric constant and loss tangent values requires some automated computation on the data.

OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY has  highly experienced professionals and experts, who will determine the material properties for your projects.

DK ResonatorPack

Ring Resonator for Vector Network Analyzer

Please tell us about your requirements for dielectric measurements.

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