OptoPoint™ TWO

OptoPoint™ TWO – represents the latest generation of fiber optic closures from Optonet offering a wide range of applications!

One Idea, A single System with a unique Concept.

Providing Benefits for many different areas applications as OptoPoint™ Two is extremely flexible fiber distribution closure!

OPTONET opto-point-two
OPTONET Opto Point Two Lock

Different locks available from KABA or KESO

  • Unique cable entry solution
  • Cable entry for loop cable
  • Multi-cable entry
  • OptoPoint™ TWO strain relief for small and multicore cables
Opto Point Two Unique Cable Entry Solution
Opto Point Two Type E Splice Cassette
  • Single fiber management with Corning system
  • Highest fiber density
  • Auto positioning of fiber cassettes
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