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OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY LLC offers Engineering Services, Product Design, Co-Design and industrial production capabilities.
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RF Anechoic Chamber

OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY operates an RF Anechoic Chamber which is used for instance for antenna testing, antenna pattern measurement and interference measurements. We have outfitted the Anechoic Chamber with 2 remote controlled 4-axis positioners for automated measurements.


Anechoic Chamber RF measurements

GNSS and GPS L1/L2/L5 Antenna

Our GNSS antennas are able to receive GNSS frequency bands as well as GPS frequency bands. The GNSS frequency bands include GLONASS, Galileo, Compass CPII/Beidou, IRNSS. The GPS frequency bands include GPS L1, GPS L2, GPS L5, QZSS L2C, QZSS E6, QZSS L1.


Choke Ring GNSS

Vivaldi Cross Polarized Antenna 1 GHz – 12 GHz

Vivaldi antennas are used for ultra broad-band frequency applications.

Advantages of Vivaldi antennas are their ease of design adaptation to different frequency bands, different  manufacturing processes, and their excellent impedance matching to the feeding lines.
Vivaldi Antenna

Vehicle Broadband Antennas Top 200 Frequency Range 700 MHz – 6 GHz

Top 200 vehicle antennas are providing highest integration of services over a wide frequency range. The Top 200 vehicle antennas are used wherever signal quality,  robustness and non-obstructive looks are key decision criteria.



Bandpass Filter OmProtec

The bandpass filter series OmProtec allows to protect certain frequency bands, like for mission critical applications of e.g. GSM-R to be protected against all other direct frequencies and possible effects of intermodulation. 


Double Ridge Horn Antenna 1 GHz – 18 GHz

Our double ridge horn antennas are providing aconstant gain over wide frequency range and low VSWR values. This antenna is used for EMI immunity and emissions testing and as reference antenna for antenna gain and radiation pattern determination.

Double Ridge Horn Antenna

Biquad Directive Yagi Antenna

Biquad directive yagi antennas are providing a high gain and a good beam directivity. Ideally they are used for long-distance communication, typically in the range from 2.4 to 6 GHz.

Biquad Directive Antenna

UHF/VHF Cross Polar Wide Band Antenna LPDA

Logarithmic Periodic Dipole Antennas are ultra wide band high gain antennas for test and measurement applications. They are manufactured to meet the dedicated demand of our clients.

X Pol

Antenna Array for S, L or X Band Radar

We are manufacturing antenna arrays which are used in Radar and scientific applications. Multiport, cross polarized radiating elements are grouped to form an array to allow spacial and phase resolution of the reflected signal.

Array1 1 1

Long Range Land and Coastal Sea Data/Video Connectivity

Highspeed Internet for land mobile users and coastal shipping by a professional, rock solid, small, lightweight antenna+modem. The system provides spacial diversity for best connectivity and highest data rates.
Optimizated for longrange access up to 60-90km will provide excellent connectivity being offshore with max 150 Mbps data rates.

Long Range 4G Connectivity

Radome Design & Radome Manufacturing

Depending on the requirements we can manufacture antenna radomes using different processes like Injection Molding, Composite Fabric Resin, Vacuum Thermoforming, CNC Machining etc. which will be selected to suit to RF performance, project volumes and other criteria.



RF & Microwave Cable Assemblies

Our portfolio includes flexible RF and Microwave cables, semi-flexible cables, semi-rigid cables, rigid and corrugated cables within a frequency range from DC up to 110 GHz. All assemblies are Made-in-UAE we provide maximal robustness, insulation, low PIM, superior frequency range, any type of connectors testing and packaging as per your specification.



Tactical Fiberoptic Cable Assemblies

TFOC assemblies are using Expanded Beam technology which is extremely robust and resilient to dust.  Together with tactical fiberoptic cable the assemblies are designed to ensure reliable optical connections while operating under the toughest conditions.  


Drum with Tactical Field Cable2

GNSS Simulator & GNSS Recorder and Player

GNSS simulation with Constellator is an important capability for each manufacturer which allows to test positioning systems against different scenarios and locations. The recorder and player Echo™ provides quality control of GNSS coverage and play-back to analyze any abnormalities.


Location Tracking

DSL Modem and Media Converter for long distance communication

Together with FlexDSL we offer a broad range of SHDSL, SHDSL.bis modems and repeaters designed to meet both carrier and access network needs as well as industrial requirements. Our modems support various interfaces Ethernet, Fiberoptics, E1, Serial and available in different types of enclosures.


MiniFlex Fiber Modem

Power and Control Connectors, Harness Manufacturing

Our harnesses are used in the fields of industrial and government applications using fiber optic, coaxial, signaling and electrical cables together with active devices like bidi repeaters, media convertors, transceivers, frequency convertors, etc.

HARTING Connector H0
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