Low PIM RF Couplers

OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY offers Low PIM RF Couplers which are passive RF devices being able to couple a specific proportion of the power travelling in one transmission line out through another connection or port. 

Directional couplers have many applications in DAS systems, RF testing, line power sensors and transmitter power levels control. All our low PIM Couplers have a 50Ω impedance and are environment rated at IP66.

Low PIM RF Couplers do not reflect incoming RF signals as our Couplers have a low Insertion Loss (low IL) and therefore avoid increase of noise levels in RF networks.

For high quality SNR applications 50Ω low PIM RF Couplers are deployed throughout every DAS network, typically to feed different branches of a DAS infrastructure.

All PIM values of our Couplers are measured against IM3 (dBc@2*43dBm) and are lower than ≤-160dBc

CouplerProduct IDPictureConnectorFrequency Band (MHz)IM3 (dBc) 2*43dBmInsertion Loss (dB)Isolation (dB)Power
5dB Coupler13001811
5dB Coupler N
N Female698-2700-1612.125200W
6dB Coupler13001812
6dB Coupler N
N Female698-2700-1611.6526200W
7dB Coupler13001813
7dB Coupler N
N Female698-2700-1611.327200W
8dB Coupler13001814
8dB Coupler N
N Female698-2700-1611.128200W
10dB Coupler13001815
10dB Coupler N
N Female698-2700-1610.7530200W
12dB Coupler13001816
12dB Coupler N
N Female698-2700-1610.632200W
13dB Coupler13001817
13dB Coupler N
N Female698-2700-1610.632200W
15dB Coupler13001818
15dB Coupler N
N Female698-2700-1610.435200W
20dB Coupler13001819
20dBdB Coupler N
N Female698-2700-1610.340200W
25dB Coupler13001820
25dB Coupler N
N Female698-2700-1610.245200W
30dB Coupler13001821
30dB Coupler N
N Female698-2700-1610.250200W
35dB Coupler13001822
35dB Coupler N
N Female698-2700-1610.255200W
40dB Coupler13001823
40dB Coupler N
N Female698-2700-1610.260200W
5dB Coupler13001824
5dB Coupler DIN
DIN Female698-2700-1612.125200W
6dB Coupler13001825
6dB Coupler DIN
DIN Female698-2700-1611.6526200W
7dB Coupler13001826
7dB Coupler DIN
DIN Female698-2700-1611.327200W
8dB Coupler13001827
8dB Coupler DIN
DIN Female698-2700-1611.128200W
10dB Coupler13001828
10dB Coupler DIN
DIN Female698-2700-1610.7530200W
12dB Coupler13001829
12dB Coupler DIN
DIN Female698-2700-1610.632200W
15dB Coupler13001830
15dB Coupler DIN
DIN Female698-2700-1610.435200W
20dB Coupler13001831
20dB Coupler DIN
DIN Female698-2700-1610.340200W
25dB Coupler13001832
25dB Coupler DIN
DIN Female698-2700-1610.245200W
30dB Coupler13001833
30dB Coupler DIN
DIN Female698-2700-1610.250200W
35dB Coupler13001834
35dB Coupler DIN
DIN Female698-2700-1610.255200W
40dB Coupler13001835
40dB Coupler DIN
DIN Female698-2700-1610.260200W
5dB Coupler13001836
5dB Coupler 4.3 10
6dB Coupler13001837
6dB Coupler 4.3 10
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