Fiber Optic
Fast Deployment Outdoor
FCA Fast Deployment Drum

FCA – Fast Deployment Outdoor are a ready-to-use fiber optic cable assemblies with connectors on one or both sides. Main application of FCA – Fast Deployment Outdoor is its use as mobile field cable for quick deployment for media events, emergencies, control room connections etc.

All FCA – Fast Deployment Outdoor assemblies are equipped with a robust divider, protective sleeves in variable length which have been manufactured for OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY.

Important: All products are assembled, 100% tested, serviced and eventually repaired in our own facility in UAE.


  • 2 to 12 fibers (SM, MM)
  • Rugged divider with thread and slot for easy mounting
  • Field cable
  • Strain relief design
  • LC, SC, FC, E2000, ST,  etc. connector types can be provided with PC and APC ferrules
  • IP 67 rated
  • Custom designed cable reels to match different cable lengths
FCA Fast Deployment Divider
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