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Key challenges and strategies

In 2020 the global pandemic has caused new challenges to almost every segment of industrial production and manufacturing. The market segments which have been most negatively affected were facing dropping prices, reduction of production output even some had to introduce rolling economic shutdowns. 

In consequence, we could see ripple effects throughout all manufacturers that are part of these value chains. Not only Oil & Gas, Downstream, Heavy Equipment and related service industry is affected but also transportation sector, commercial and private aerospace and are experiencing significant slowdowns in demand. After a short adjustment phase, the lower demand is often understood as a chance to introduce new technologies, to prepare for a post-crisis surge, to reflect and adapt to changing needs of the end markets, including plant improvement measures.

New technologies can be introduced smoothly, at extra discounts from suppliers and with little impact on actual production. Goals such technology upgrades are to improve controls, to track assets, to navigate critical production disruptions, to build on interconnected multi-tier supply chains and to enable or enhance remote management of production environment with new work concepts.  In many industrial production companies, edge computing, home office, Industry 4.0 concepts is barely possible due to aging concepts,  aging control equipment and existing IT concepts which have not been adapted to the new challenges.

OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY offers system design, system implementation and maintenance. Besides our services we are offering products and solutions with ATEX and Ex approved products for electrical and optical connectivity in harsh environment of Oil & Gas, energy production and down-stream production line.

Our clients on Oil & Gas rigs, refineries, metal production plant and many more appreciate our solutions and products.

With products for continuous uptime, high reliability and low maintenance are meeting special environmental conditions and contribute to the success of your operations. We are known for high transmission capacity, high resistance to heat or fire, high current capacities, robustness or compact design.

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