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Telecommunication Industry Outlook 2021-2026

Key challenges and strategies

With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic the telecommunication industry is facing additional challenges which could also help in accelerating structural changes and speedier introduction of new technologies. Dropping revenues, exponentially growing bandwidth demands caused by rich media, streaming services, remote office, remote schooling, online-services provided by a few global cloud giants, increased security demands are only a few facts which are propelling this market.

New technologies like 5G, fiber optics, internet protocols, processing speeds, chip enhancements, wireless technologies, etc. help to reduce the OPEX and improve the quality of services, however at the price of introduction of such technology upgrades.

The ongoing wireless transformation has caused dramatic shifts in consumer expectation and consumer behavior, with the exponential growth of adoption of smartphones, tablets, and other devices whereof more than 50% of the content is synchronous content like moving images, video, conferencing content which needs to be streamed with the least expected delays and no dropouts over shared wireless networks.

Telecommunication market is capitalizing on consumers as well as on the enterprise customer with focus on high-bandwidth,  secure and high-quality connectivity by introduction of new products and services, such as 5G, Wi-Fi 6, IoX and edge computing.  High-quality connectivity means to implement appropriate infrastructure concepts which are built out of high-quality components in order to avoid down-times and high maintenance cost.

OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY provides products and services to telecommunication market for mobile and fixed network infrastructure. High-quality passive components like multi-service antennas, low PIM cable assemblies, lightning protectors, outdoor and indoor fiber optic assemblies for 5G/4G/LTE/WiFi deployments. In addition, we offer custom-designed solutions which guarantee perfectly functioning connections in electrical, optical and wireless communication.

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