DAS Indoor Antennas

Modern indoor and outdoor antennas are often intended to folow the design of a lamp, a light, a chimney or a have the shape of a box, resembling an electrical DB.

Our antennas offer distinguished designs to fulfill the latested requirement of MiMo and microcell architectures.

Low PIM values are measured against IM3 (dBc@2*43dBm) and are lower than ≤-150dBc.

AntennaProduct IDPicture ConnectorFrequency (MHz)Gain (dB)Beam H / V (deg)
Spotlight Antenna13001838
Spotlight MiMo Antenna
2x N-Female820-27008 dB32 / 65
Directive Yagi Antenna13001839
Yagi Antenna
1x N-Female698-270014 dB15 / 20
Dual Polar Directional Panel Antenna13001840
Panel Antenna
2x N-Female1710-270012 dB65 / 6
Omni Directional Ceiling Antenna13001841
Omni Antenna MiMo Indoor
2x N-Female698-27002.5-5.5 dB360 / 80
Dual Polar Directional Panel Antenna13001842
Panel Antenna 4port 17.4dB
4x DIN-Female1710-270017.4 dB65 / 6
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