FCA - IEC 60331 Harsh Environment
FCA IEC 60331 Drum

Fiber Optic Cable Assembly/Patchcord IEC-60331 (Fire Resistant) for Oil & Gas Applications

FCA IEC 60331 are fire resistant (still operational after 90 min at 950°C) fiber optic cable assemblies with connectors on one or both ends.

OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY provides, manufactures and repairs fire resistant cable types having corrugated steel armouring and even without corrugated steel armouring using a combination of fire resistant components.

All FCA IEC-60331 cable assembies are manufactured with a cable dividers, designed and manufactured for OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY. Thus no fiber splicing with the assembly.


  • From 2 to 144 fibers (SM and MM)
  • Small outer diameter
  • Robust design
  • Available colours: Orange, Black, Green, Turquoise (other colours on request)
  • Different cable types available: SWA, corrugate steel tape, Aramide, Glass Rowing armoured designs
  • All connector types can be assembled
  • LC, SC, FC, E2000, ST,  etc. connector types can be provided with PC and APC ferrules
  • IP 67 rated
  • Custom designed cable reels to match different cable lengths
FCA IEC 60331 Cable Divider
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