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We are offering a wide range of RF cables and RF connectors for almost any possible application. Our off-the-shelf products we select to purchase from leading global manufacturers in this field, or we manufacture face-compatible connectors and cables according to our customers’ needs.

We are adding constantly new or updated products to our portfolio. Our products can be grouped according to a number of different criteria like impedance, cable diameter, screen types, armouring, jacket materials and also regarding the maximum frequency they can be used:

Three major product segments can be identified for cables, connectors and accessories: 

  1.  DC – 6 GHz for all UHF, TETRA, LTE, 5Gsub6, GSM and Wifi applications
  2.  6 GHz – 40 GHz Microwave like C-Band, X-Band application
  3.  40 GHz – 110 GHz for various dedicated applications like 5G microwave

Microwave Waveguides  can also be found within our product portfolio.

Please check the products in the catalogues below:

IEC 61169 Connectors Adaptors Assemblies
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