Microwave Waveguides
1 GHz to 110 GHz

Microwave waveguides are used where coaxial cables are not matching the requirements anymore. 

They are structures which can guide waves, such as electromagnetic waves. They enable a signal to propagate with minimal loss of energy by restricting wave expansion.

There are many different types of waveguides however they are all hollow conductive metal pipes in different shapes, like rectangular, circular and ellipsoid, each particularly for a certain spectrum of microwaves.

The geometry of a waveguide reflects its function. Channel waveguides confine energy to travel only in two dimensions. The frequency of the transmitted wave determines the dimensions of a waveguide.

OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY provides standard rigid and flexible corrugated waveguides as well as custom designed solutions for a variety of applications like satellite communication, compliant with DIN 47302 / IEC 153 / EIA.

The following waveguide types can be offered: WR 975, WR 650, WR 430, WR 340, WR 284, WR 229, WR 187, WR 159, WR 137, WR 112, WR 90, WR 75, WR 62, WR 51, WR 42, WR 34, WR 28, WR 22, WR 19, WR 15, WR 10 and WR 8.

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