Passenger Information Systems

OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY provides project management, installation and service for Passenger Information Systems (PIS) solutions for  railway stations, onboard and for airports.

Our partner is a global player in  transportation FIDs-PIDs-GIDs applications, delivering an unparalleled range of smart screens, from 32″ to 80″ displays at turnkey solution including PSUs and its Digital Controller.

GDS screen

Main Advantages

  • The smart displays containing G+OPS, sized 23″, 32″, 42″, 46″, 55″ and 75″
  • The Optical Bonding treatment increases contrast ratio, delivering an unparalleled readability even in the brightest environment.
  • Immunization of displays from condensation and dust inside the front glass & panel as well as preventing general overheating, extending the display life.
  • Local service on site including installation, periodic maintenance, cleaning etc.
  • The continuous updating of the PC, through the interchangeable ‘G+OPS’, makes your network always current and high performing.

The most recent reference is the PID system of EXPOLink 2020.

OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY took over the installation of steel frame infrastructure and of the screens.

In addition we have manufactured and installed all fiber optic cable assemblies and all power cable assemblies using HARTING connectors.

The video server cabinets were also commissioned by OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY including its PSUs. 

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