Railway Audio Solutions

OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY is offering Railway Audio Solutions for trains and metro stations.

Audio Solutions Overview

A table overview about all Audio solutions products




The VPULT equipped with the most advanced TFT display. The Displays resolution guarantees not only the traditional text recognition, but the razor-sharp graphics and video playback.



IVS line source speaker

Better directivity helps to reach better speech intelligibility in reverberant spaces and reduces noise pollution in open spaces. The traditional way to increase the directivity of a column speaker at lower frequencies is to increase its length.

Our clients are choosing these products because of their performance. Together with the audio units we provide data, fiber optic, RF, power & control  cable assemblies Made-in-UAE for fast rollout of projects as they provide “Plug-and-Play” reliable communications over long distances to assure a safe and efficient operation.

Our experts are able to offer the highest level of technical support and advice to you to select the best glands for your application area.

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