Vivaldi Cross Polarized Antenna

OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY LLC offers its Engineering Services, Product Design, Co-Design and industrial production capabilities to manufacture and test Vivaldi Cross Polarized Antennas.


Vivaldi Cross Polarized Antenna 1 GHz – 12 GHz

Our Vivaldi antenna is a cross polarized co-planar broadband antenna which is manufactured from solid aluminium plates in order to have a very robust antenna.

The feeding lines excite each antenna element with a coaxial cable connection.

The Vivaldi antenna has two antenna elements arranged in orthogonal direction – for transmitting / receiving both polarization orientations.

If the Vivaldi antenna is fed with 90-degree phase-shifted signals, orthogonal devices can transmit/receive circular-oriented electromagnetic waves.

Vivaldi antennas are used for broad band frequency applications.

Advantages of Vivaldi antennas are their broadband characteristics as they are suitable for ultra-wideband signals, ease of design adaptation to different frequencies, a variety of possible manufacturing processes, and their good impedance matching to the feeding lines.

Product ID13005718
Frequency Range:1 GHz … 12 GHz
Isotropic Gain: typ.: 3 … 10 dBi
Nominal Impedance:50 Ω
Standing Wave Ratio SWR:typ.: 1.5 – 2.5
PolarizationDual Linear
Cross Polarization Rejection:25 dB
Max. Input Power:50W
Connector: 2x SMA (f)
Width x Height185 mm x 185 mm
Weight:0.7 kg

Vivaldi Antenna 1
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