Vector Network Analyzer Measurements

We do VNA Measurements

Our Vector Network Analyzers allow determining S-Parameters of your Device Under Test (DUT). S-parameters describe the input/output relationship between different ports.

In a simple 2 port, like for instance a resistor, S21 represents the power transferred from Port 1 to Port 2, S12 represents the opposite, the power transferred from port 2 to port 1. S11 describes the reflected power from port 1.  S11 is also known as the reflection coefficient or return loss. Often VSWR, which is related to S11, is also used to characterize the performance of a circuit. All S-parameters are varying with the frequency, this is why a frequency band needs to be defined for such measurements.

OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY LLC operates different 2-port and 4-port VNAs which allow simultaneous recording of multiple traces from up to 4 ports.

OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY has  highly experienced professionals and experts, who can determine the S-Parameters of your circuit and provide assistance on how to understand and improve your product.

VNA 4port

Please tell us about your requirements regarding S-Parameter measurements.

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