Underground Telecom
Cabinet UCab

We are supplying high quality underground cabinets with a 25+ years lifetime. UCab is developed for applications where an overground telecom shelter is not appreciated or where visual impact does not allow to spoil historic and VIP sites.

Also at airports and Oil&Gas installations where telecom equipment needs to be protected at its best UCab provides the best solution. Installed underground uCab assumes the same temperature as the ground which is almost stable (+/- 4 degrees) all over the year.

As UCab is not exposed to the heat of the sun but only to the the surrounding soil or even ground water it helps drastically to reduce the power consumption needed for cooling traditional overground telecom shelters.

uCab inside fitout


  • Reduce Energy Consumption for AC
  • Green IT – Low Carbon Foot Print
  • Reduction of Maintenance Costs
  • Increase Performance Reliability
  • Host any active and passive IT Equipment
  • Enhanced Vandalism Protection
  • No Overground Visibility
uCab Underground Telecom Cabinet Installed
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