Digital trunked radio systems offer high interoperability, reliability and transmission security. Direct mode functions, data encryption and compatible interfaces allow to build flexible applications for voice and data exchange.

Together with our supplier we offer comprehensive system solutions for TETRA & TETRAPOL comprising of consultancy, radio network planning, definition of the MMI, interfacing of different data networks, mobile radio devices, base stations, antenna systems, propagation measurements, vehicle equipment (CAB radio), customer information displays, audio public address systems, voice and data recording, tunnel radio equipment, navigation and dispatch systems, multimedia broadband solutions, info management systems, dispatcher workstations, maintenance, 1st-level support and Operations & Management Centre (OMC). The repeater portfolio consists of modular channel-selective and broadband assemblies for all areas of application. Frequency ranges: 380–400 MHz, 410–430 MHz and 450–470 MHz.

Further areas of application: In-building coverage, petrol-chemical facilities, road tunnels, building sites, mines and similar areas.

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