Telemetry for
F1 Powerboat Racing

OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY provided a powerful antenna for a F1 powerboat including the cable assemblies to connect the telemetry equipment inside the cockpit of a F1 powerboat for seamless communication.

A laptop running telemetry software and the telemetry box on the boat are connected over a 433 MHz directional antenna which sends and receives serial data from and to the powerboat. This antenna with its pattern and gain has a range of approximately 2km, meaning when the boat is on the water the team members supporting from the shore can easily analyze the data and see the live performance.

The Formula 1 Powerboat World  Championship (also F1) is an international motorboat racing competition for powerboats organised by the Union Internationale Motonautique (UIM) and promoted by H2O Racing, hence it often being referred to as F1H2O.

It is the highest class of inshore powerboat racing in the world, and as such, with it sharing the title of F1, is similar to Formula One car racing. 

F1 Powerboat 1

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