System Design

We do System Design

One of the most interesting tasks that we may undertake is the design of an entire system, or a part of it, means creating a technical solution for a customer.

A system is defined a set of interacting parts, generally too heterogeneous to be built by a single company. The system will be created for some particular purpose based on requirement analysis.

– We are listening –

All our projects are having in common that parts need to be connected in specific ways like to control a machine.

We typically find hardware and software application using sensors, creating measurement data, store data and being connected with each other through wired and wireless networks.

– We are designing –

From our background and our experience, we create system designs by using well-known components which we will set together to become an interacting system.

Where legacy systems are to be replaced or updated, we go the opposite way by typically decomposing an existing system towards its functionality and use cases. The decomposition reveals function blocks of its components. Based on that we design a new system or an upgrade strategy.

Please tell us about your system design requirements.

Signal Monitoring for SCADA application
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