Solar Power Systems
Solar Panel 11

In Middle East, most electricity is supplied by utility companies from power stations, via supply networks. The electricity is generated to the majority from hydro carbons.

Where you are absent from power grid, and you need personal or small off-grid power systems you can locate them near a home or neighbourhood to meet electricity requirements.

Our autonomous off-grid and on-grid solar systems consist of power generation equipment such as PV solar panels and wind turbines sometimes combined with petrol or diesel generators, invertors, control equipment and buffer batteries.

We supply any type of solar systems from 50VA to 10’000VA – Most of our solar systems are based on solar systems with battery backup.

Pictures of Autonomous Solar Systems:

We design your solar system from A-Z by analyzing:

  • Wattage of each appliance and estimating the time that each appliance is used
  • Voltage, energy used by appliances over that time
  • Totaling energy and power requirements
  • Best electrical power storage in specific battery systems
  • Provisions for variation in daily and seasonal conditions, as well as site conditions
  • Output: DC or AC using sine wave inverters
  • Time of autonomy to provide highly resilient power systems
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