Site Surveys - Heat Maps -
Link Budget Calculation

– We do Site Surveys –

For most of our clients and especially for us, it is very important to perform site surveys.

Site surveys are providing the best understanding of a current infrastructure, its features, its issues, measurement values. With the findings of a site survey we all understand what shall be achieved in your project.

– We do Heat Maps –

Signal coverage of Wi-Fi and other radio frequency signals is one critical factor for Quality of Service KPIs. The signal strength is providing a first glimpse about a radio network. We create heat maps manually within site survey doing walk-test or drive-test using a physical map.
With modern devices we are also offering to create dynamic Wi-Fi heat maps which are automatically updated in minutes to permanently survey eventually changing connectivity and network usage. This  not only provides accurate coverage visibility throughout the entire coverage area but also improves safety of a network by automatic detection of for instance rouge devices.

– We do Link Budget Calculations –

We calculate and measure the link budget given permissible signal strength for fiber optic networks and radio networks. For both radio and fiber networks the same physical principles apply to determine attenuation, IL, RL and further KPIs of your network.

Our service allows us either prior to your purchase or in existing networks onsite to provide evidence that the selected devices can operate with permissible signal limits. Thus, we can ensure efficient network design, rollout and sustainable operation through the lifetime of the products.

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