Simulation of
Physical Properties

We do simulation of technically complex tasks

OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY LLC has a strong academic background, from which we are familiar with open source software packages. Such open source software packages allow a broad community to share expertise and develop impressively rich features into many areas of technical applications for example electro-magnetics, structural mechanics, heat transfer, acoustics, fluid dynamics and many more. 

These technical applications are typically described by partial differential equations like Maxwell equations, which can be solved by e.g. Finite Element Method (FEM).

Over the many years of work in this field we have acquired, tested and modified such tools, but mainly gained priceless experience with the same. We are covering product development, product optimization, WiFi and RF signal propagation, signal path loss for the entire electromagnetic spectrum.

We can determine antenna properties, minimum antenna height requirements needed to establish line-of-sight communication paths and Fresnel Zone clearances.

DK ResonatorPack

Ring Resonator for Vector Network Analyzer

Please tell us about your requirements for radio network interference measurements and troubleshooting.

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