Signal Coverage Drive Testing

Drive Testing for Network Signal Coverage

Drive Test Sample 1

OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY offers 3G, 4G, 5G, WiFi, and GSM-R network coverage tests by using 5G probes which can measure all available KPIs like throughput, network coverage, bandwidth, signal strength, mobile network latency, handover procedures, voice call KPIs etc. along with GPS which are the base for QoS and therefore reflect the possible user experience of the network.

We can monitor radio parameters such as RSRP, RSRQ, SINR, PCI, EARFCN, and WCDMA drive test parameters like RSCP, RSSI, ECNO, PSC, UARFCN etc. Our probes can optionally also interface with existing network terminals or onboard equipment and therefore can capture data of the radio frequency environment or also completely independent from existing terminals or CPEs.

Key Differentiators

Through a drive test using probes we can determine signal coverage of cell sites and evaluate the cell site sectors’ coverage. All measurement data are first stored with the database on the probe. Once the probe has a data connection via a mobile network operator or via WiFi the collected data are transferred automatically through a VPN connection to a dedicated cloud-based application for RF post-processing including user-specified reports and location-based visualization capabilities.

For indoor areas we can provide the same service however it is called walk test where our probe is installed in a trolley.

Through drive tests we can determine areas with weak or missing signal coverage, handover issues, call drops, low throughput etc. Thanks to the modern design and functionality of the probes and the backend our drive test solutions are providing commercially attractive offers compared to traditional and costly equipment including spectrum and protocol analyzers.

Our cloud-based network analysis backend allows reports on the following data:

    • Timeline comparison, important to understand network optimization
    • Short-time drive test and long-term network performance monitoring
    • 5G probes for indoor and IP68 rated applications
    • Sector and cell overlapping
    • Low signal coverage and non-coverage areas
    • Call drops
    • Cell site handover issues
    • Automated upload to cloud-based backend
    • Post processing analysis
    • Export of drive test data
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