SHDSL and SHDSL.bis Extended
MiniFlex SHDSL.bis Ethernet Extender

OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY offers versatile solutions for Telecom and Industrial applications based on products like MiniFlex SHDSL.bis Ethernet Extenders MiniFlex SHDSL.

The MiniFlex SHDSL.bis Ethernet extenders designed for high reliable data transmission over twisted pairs of copper wires starting wit CAT3. They apply highly approved standards in low SNR environments ITU-T G.991.2 (G.SHDSL.bis) to carry Ethernet data over 2 twisted pairs of copper cable.

Small size, hardened enclosure and wide input power range making MiniFlex SHDSL.bis Ethernet Extenders a perfect choice for mission-critical applications like Railway infrastructure, Smart Grid, networks alongside Oil and Gas Pipelines as well as for Onshore and Offshore communications.

FlexDSL Orion3 SHDSL.bis Modems and Repeaters

The FlexDSL Orion3 product family includes ITU-T G.991.2 (G.SHDSL.bis) Modems for Central Office and Customer Premises. FlexDSL Orion3 modem range supports DSL channel bonding for up to 4 copper pairs in order to achieve speeds up to 60.8 Mbps. They also can serve up to four independent directions. Besides E1 and Ethernet ports FlexDSL Orion3 supports Nx64 (V.35, V.36, X.21) and RS-232/485 interfaces. Together with Remote Power and repeater support the product flexibility makes FlexDSL Orion3 SHDSL.bis modems a perfect solution for wide range of applications where TDM and IP services must be transmitted over copper wires.

FlexDSL Orion3 products are compatible with their forerunners FlexDSL Orion2 and FlexDSL Orion modems as well as with MiniFlex SHDSL.bis Ethernet Extenders.

Specially designed firmware turns selected members of FlexDSL Orion3 family into Interface converters or even into TDMoIP/TDMoE pseudo-wire devices.

FlexDSL Orion3
FlexDSL Orion2

FlexDSL Orion2 SHDSL.bis Modems and Repeaters

The FlexDSL Orion 2 SHDSL.bis product family offers a broad range of products, which are based on the latest SHDSL.bis standard. The FlexDSL Orion 2 supports TC-PAM8, TC-PAM16, and the TC-PAM32 line coding. The support of these line codes ensures spectrum compatibility with existing DSL equipment, that is already installed, in order to protect customer investments, while at the same time providing an upgrade path to the newest DSL technologies.

FlexDSL Orion2 modems support E1 and Ethernet ports, Remote Power and Repeaters.

FlexDSL Orion SHDSL Modems and Repeaters

The Orion product family has been introduced by FlexDSL in the year 2001. It was one of the first modems on the market that supported new ITU-T G.991.2 (G.SHDSL) standard. FlexDSL Orion family contains modems for Central Office and for Customer Premises. G.SHDSL repeaters are present as well. FlexDSL still produce several modems from Orion family.

FlexDSL Orion2




SHDSL.bis FlexDSL SHDSL Repeater

The FlexDSL Orion3, Orion2 or Orion repeaters designed for SHDSL distance extension or for increasing of the data bandwidth. Selected repeater models support Ethernet add-drop and and dry loops. Repeaters accept remote power or can be powered locally. FlexDSL produces SHDSL repeaters in various enclosures, even for direct placement under ground.

FlexDSL does firmware adaptation for the purpose of obtaining compatibility with modems produced by third-parties.

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