SatCom RF over 200km
Fiber Transmission
Analogue RF over Fiber 300x176 1

Analogue RF over Fiber Chassis

OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY is providing SatCom RF over Fiber transmission solutions. Our products are used when multiple satellite ground stations need to get inter-connected with each other.

Our chassis providing 20 slots for various optical modules including CWDM, DWDM and EDFA amplifier. Analog RF over Fiber solutions convert analogue RF signals like L-Band, UHF, VHF, etc. into optical which are then transmitted over optical fibers and converted back to RF at various frequency bands through hot-plugable optical modules. With the integrated controller all functionalities are accessible through an intuitive Web interface or via SNMP protocol. 

The RF over Fiber Chassis can be configured for 1+1 redundancy or N+1 redundancy operation. Configuration versatility and high module density (up to 40 RF over Fiber channels in a single chassis) provide the most flexible and powerful long haul transmission solution for analogue RF signals.

Main Features: 

  • Space and cost saving solution with the highest port density on the market in 3 HU or respectively 4 HU
  • Single chassis for all RF over Fiber modules incl. hybrid CWDM, DWDM, EDFA, optical splitters and optical switches
  • High Availability Solution: System reliability via 1+1 redundancy or N+1 redundancy
  • Permanent signal monitoring and signal level recording
  • Intuitive and comprehensive system operation through Web interface
  • Comprehensive SNMP-MIB for seamless integration into Network Management Systems
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