SatCom Redundancy Switches
and LNA Amplifier
Redundancy Switch 300x51 1

OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY LLC installs Satellite Redundancy Switches from DEV Systemtechnik with independent permanent LNA power supplies with current sensing feature. The solution provides maximum system availability and reliability and are obligatory standard in Cable TV and Satcom applications. Our SatCom Redundancy Switches offer a series of dedicated 1+1 and m*n+1 protection modules as well as universal switching solutions.

The Redundancy Switch Product Line also features fully automatic redundancy solutions for both ASI modulators and antenna farms serving up to 16 fixed antennas/LNAs.

Digital interfaces can be selected such as ASI, SD/HD-SDI, 3G-SDI, Ethernet, E1/T1, L-Band and broadband as well as the type of power supply output specification for H/V polarization and H/L bands. Our TRAC (Trap Receiver Action Controller) option expands the automatic remote-switching capabilities for the redundancy switch.

Our solutions are in place at satellite ground stations, radio and TV broadcast centers, data centers and applications where service continuity is key.

We also provide L-Band Matrix Switches and Analogue RF over Fiber Solutions.

DEV L Band Distribution Amplifier
DEV Universal Switch

Our Universal Switching System provides compact, tailor-made solutions for RF, audio and video signals with attractive software features for the operator, ease of use as well as for seamless network integration via IP / SNMP (MIB-File) etc. Through these features we provide various methods for remote device surveillance and remote control.

In addition our self-sensing modules enable threshhold based autonomous contactless A-B / B-A switching capability in shortest possible time without disturbance to user experience.

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