of Outdated Infrastructures

At most of the sites we are visiting we find “organically” grown small-to-big network and technical infrastructures. These sites are running for years with typically little or no maintenance for most of the time.

However, when there is a failure though, it turns into emergency situations, digging through old configurations, old document, service sheets, a mix of old and new cabling and hardware, maybe random wireless routers are found, too.

This is where we begin

We analyze your requirements and propose a migration plan as modern infrastructures require less upkeep, are easier in maintenance, and configurations are standardized using web interfaces. Intelligent components come along with integrated self-diagnosis feature and standard network monitoring integration.

We don’t ask you to renew everything immediately

Our typical approach is, to segment your infrastructure and upgrade or re-design them individually as per priority. A dedicated migration plan allows risk-free and cost-efficient upgrade of outdated and often expensive-to-run infrastructures.

Please tell us about your requirements for your re-furbishment project.

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