Railway Fiber Optic Cables

OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY is offering fiber optic cables and cable assemblies for installation on rolling stock, track side and platform applications.

Our cables and cable assemblies are manufactured highest focus on quality, safety, sustainability, security and reliability for use in public transport applications. 

Our railway fiber optic cables are used signal transmission for passenger information systems (PIS), wayside obstacle detection systems (WODS) and in tunnels.

The cable jacket of these fiber optic cables is produced by electron-beam cross-linking treatment. This process is providing enhancements, such as an increase in tensile strength and resistance to abrasions, stress cracking and liquids. Preferably each fibers in a cable shall have its own buffer tube in order to achieve a maximum of protection for each fiber.

Tight Tube Fiber Optic Cable

Many clients are choosing these products as base for their network operation. Often we provide data, fiber optic, RF, power & control  cable assemblies Made-in-UAE for fast rollout of projects as they provide “Plug-and-Play” reliable communications over long distances to assure a safe and efficient operation.

Our experts are able to offer the highest level of technical support and advice to you to select the best glands for your application area.

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