Railway Control Cables

OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY is offering railway  control cables and cable assemblies for data and control applications.

Our cables and cable assemblies are manufactured highest focus on quality, safety, sustainability, security and reliability for use in public transport applications

Our products are used for data and control signal transmission and can be operated under the most complex environmental conditions including adverse temperatures and vibrational stress.

Control and Signal Cable

Main Features:

  • Thin-wall design, electron-beam cross-linked jacket material
  • Low smoke density
  • Halogen-free polyolefine
  • Temperature range of -40°C to +120°C
  • Endurance @ 20,000h at 120°C
  • EN50306-3, EN45545 approved

Many clients are choosing these products as a base for their network operation. Often we provide data, fiber optic, RF, power & control  cable assemblies Made-in-UAE for fast rollout of projects as they provide “Plug-and-Play” reliable communications over long distances to assure a safe and efficient operation.

Our experts are able to offer the highest level of technical support and advice to you to select the best glands for your application area.

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