Railway Antennas

ANTONICS is one of the leading developer and producer of high accuracy GPS/GLONASS Railway Antennas with dual or triple receiver technology for railway, public transport and industrial markets.

The advantage of multiple positioning antennas comes with the availability of latest high precision positioning technologies using L1, L2 and L5 bands in order to achieve absolute and relative accuracy on direction and angle of move down to cm level precision even without NTRIP correctional signal availability.

OmPLECS Positioning antennas and OmCabPro coaxial cables are a solution which minimize cable losses and maximize signal gain and with GPS/GLONASS performance. A better SNR

Dual GPS GLONASS Antenna with 2 Amplifiers

Major Benefits using Antonics Antennas:

  • High Accuracy Positioning Antennas
  • Extreme Miniaturazation
  • Modular Antenna Design
  • Multiple Low Noise Amplifier & Filter

High precision positioning antennas are equipped with N series connectors and ultra low loss RF cables. The cable length can be selected at point of ordering which allow our client to avoid additional patch cables and adaptors.

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