Radome Design & Radome Manufacturing

Radome Design & Radome Manufacturing

OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY LLC offers its Engineering Services, Product Design, Co-Design and industrial production capabilities. 


Radome Design & Radome Manufacturing

Antenna radomes can be manufactured in many different ways and with many different materials. It all depends on the intended use, the quantities and the technical requirements for transmission and reception of electromagnetic waves.

Composite materials are the most robust material for radomes often used in aviation and for big structures. Also its high resistance to corrosion, environment-proof, low specific weight, thermal insulation, resistance to UV, low dielectric constant and low permeability to electromagnetic waves let composite radomes appear at the top of the list.

Many different processes are available and will be selected to suite to performance vs. price criteria.

Injection Molding

Composite Fabric Resin

Vacuum Thermoforming

CNC Machining


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