Radio Frequency Cables
Connectors and Cable Assemblies 6 GHz to 40 GHz
RF cable assembly
Coaxial RF cables for the frequency bands from 6 GHz up to 40 GHz typically have a stranded or solid center conductor and typically a single or double layer of braided outer conductor. The insulation (dielectric) material is typically made of Polyethylene or Fluoro-polymers often being foam-extruded. For good RF performance (cut-off frequency, attenuation, loss budget, VSWR) the conductors are often silver plated. In case of double layer shielding either aluminium or copper foil and a braided conductive layer are providing high RF shielding or 2 layers of braided wires are used.  For demanding mechanical, environmental and military applications, these cables offer a stable electrical performance are resilient to flexing, abrasion, vibration, extreme temperatures, and exposure to fluids and chemicals. Many different jacket materials are available like LD-PE, HD-PE, PVC, PUR, Polyolefins , Teflon, PTFE, FEP, PFA, ETFE which are thermoplastic high temperature polymers for up to 400 &degC. There are also cross-linked jacket material used which are ether cross-linked via thermal or via radiation treatment.
These cables offer an excellent performance in a wide frequency band including like Satcom and many other applications. Glenair 962-001 TFlex® Low Loss Microwave 50 Ohm Coaxial Cable, Glenair 962-002 M17/93 – RG178 General-Duty 50 Ohm High-Frequency Coaxial Cable, Glenair 962-003 M17/94 – RG179 75 Ohm High-Frequency Coaxial Cable, Glenair 962-004 M17/113 – RG316 Low-Loss 50 Ohm High Frequency Coaxial Cable, Glenair 962-005 M17/152-00001, ENVIROFLEX_142, ENVIROFLEX_178, ENVIROFLEX_178-01, ENVIROFLEX_178_D, ENVIROFLEX_179, ENVIROFLEX_316, ENVIROFLEX_316_D, ENVIROFLEX_393, ENVIROFLEX_400, GX_02272, GX_03272, GX_03272-04, GX_03272_D-06, GX_04273, GX_04273-12, GX_07272, GX_07272_D, GX_07272_D-04, G_01130_HT, G_01130_HT-03, G_01130_HT-12, G_01130_HT-24, G_01132-06, G_02212_D-02, G_02232-09, G_02232_D, G_02233-01, G_02262, G_03212-01, G_03212_D-01 , G_03213_D, G_03232, G_03232_D-01, G_03233, G_03262_D, G_04263-03, G_07262_D, K_01152-07, K_02252_D, MULTIFLEX_141, MULTIFLEX_86, RADOX_RF_142, RADOX_RF_179, RADOX_RF_213, RADOX_RF_214, RADOX_RF_316_D, RADOX_RF_400, RADOX_RF_58, RADOX_RF_59, RG_11_A/U, RG_142_B/U, RG_174_/U, RG_174_A/U, RG_178_B/U, RG_179_B/U, RG_187_A/U, RG_188_A/U, RG_196_A/U, RG_213_/U, RG_214_/U, RG_214_HIFLEX, RG_217_/U, RG_223_/U, RG_223_/U-02, RG_316_/U, RG_393_/U, RG_400_/U, RG_58_C/U, RG_59_B/U, SPUMA_195, SPUMA_195-FR-01, SPUMA_240, SPUMA_240-FR-01, SPUMA_400, SPUMA_400-FR, SPUMA_400-FR-01, SPUMA_400-FR-75, SPUMA_500-FR-01, SPUMA_600, SX_04172_B-60, SX_04272_D-02, S_04162_B-01, S_04212_B, S_04262_B-01, S_04262_D-09, S_04272_B, S_06162_D-03, S_07212_BD,S_07262_BD, S_10162_B-11, S_10172_B-11, Spuma_240-RS-FR, Spuma_400-RS-FR, SUCOFEED_1/2, SUCOFEED_1/2_FR, SUCOFEED_1/2_HF, SUCOFEED_1/2_HF_FR, SUCOFEED_1/4_HF, SUCOFEED_1/4_HF_FR, SUCOFEED_3/8_HF, SUCOFEED_3/8_HF_FR, SUCOFORM_141,SUCOFORM_141_CU, SUCOFORM_141_CU_FEP, SUCOFORM_141_CU_PE SUCOFORM_141_FEP, SUCOFORM_141_PE, SUCOFORM_250-01, SUCOFORM_250-01_FEP, SUCOFORM_47_CU, SUCOFORM_47_CU_LSFH SUCOFORM_86, SUCOFORM_86_FEP, SUCOFORM_86_LSFH, SUCOFORM_86_PE, SUCOFORM_141, SUCOFORM_141_CU, SUCOFORM_141_CU_FEP, SUCOFORM_141_CU_PE, SUCOFORM_141_FEP, SUCOFORM_141_PE, SUCOFORM_250-01, SUCOFORM_250-01_FEP, SUCOFORM_47_CU, SUCOFORM_47_CU_LSFH SUCOFORM_86, SUCOFORM_86_FEP, SUCOFORM_86_LSFH, SUCOFORM_86_PE, SR_141_AL_TP_M17, SR_141_M17, SR_141_TP_M17, SR_250_M17, SR_250_TP_M17, SR_47_AL_TP, SR_47_M17, SUCOFLEX_101, SUCOFLEX_101_E, SUCOFLEX_101_P, UCOFLEX_101_PE,SUCOFLEX_102, SUCOFLEX_102_D, SUCOFLEX_102_E, SUCOFLEX_103, SUCOFLEX_103_D, SUCOFLEX_103_E, SUCOFLEX_104, SUCOFLEX_104_D, SUCOFLEX_104_E, SUCOFLEX_106, SUCOFLEX_106_D, SUCOFLEX_118, SUCOFLEX_118_D, SUCOFLEX_126, SUCOFLEX_126_E, SUCOFLEX_526_S, SUCOFLEX_550, SUCOFLEX_550_E, SUCOFLEX_550_S, SUCOFLEX_570_S
IEC 61169 Connectors Adaptors Assemblies
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