Radio Frequency Cables
Connectors and Cable Assemblies 40 GHz to 110 GHz
RF cable assembly

Coaxial RF cables for the frequency bands from 40 GHz up to 110 GHz typically have a very small diameter and are built using high-end formed stranded or solid center conductor and typically a double, triple or quad layer of braided outer conductors. Often the braid is already soaked with tin which improves the shielding effect. These cables are hand-formable or semi-rigid. Rigid cables provide the best shielding effect as the the outer conductor is a tin or silver plated copper, aluminium or stainless steel tube. However, bending and termination of semi-rigid and rigid cables requires special tools and expertise.

The insulation (dielectric) material is typically made of Fluoro-polymers which are often being foamed. For good RF performance (cut-off frequency, attenuation, loss budget, VSWR) the conductors are often silver plated. For demanding mechanical, environmental and military applications and often fixed installation, these cables offer the most stable electrical performance are resilient to abrasion, vibration, extreme temperatures, and exposure to fluids and chemicals.

For all other than rigid cables which often don’t have an additional jacket, jacket materials are used  like Teflon, PTFE, FEP, PFA, ETFE which are high temperature up to 400 &degC polymers.

These cables offer an excellent performance in a wide area of applications.

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IEC 61169 Connectors Adaptors Assemblies
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