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We do Product Training

Knowing your products is a fundamental skill. In daily operation you need to know the ins and outs of your solution.

That’s why we offer effective product training for our clients. We only train what is relevant. 

OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY’s product trainings are always hands-on created specifically for each client.

– Overview and Motivation –

The product training starts with an orientation on the needs and a general overview, with the question, why we are doing this training?

– Product demonstration –

Product demonstration presents the product in action and illustrate how it works. Often we are using  animations to showcase like assembly installation and testing.

– Case studies – 

We love case studies as they are telling others how our products are used, which problems other clients have addressed and solved. Case studies engage our services and our product’s features and benefits as solutions to real customers’ problems.

Often we can incorporate quotes from other customers, photos and training videos.

– Hands-on application scenarios –

In this phase of the training our clients start to “play” with the  product by themselves under our supervision and feedback. 

We also create scenarios where we provocate or simulate malfunctions, errors and alarms. Once you have seen how a product re-acts of operated beyond its technical specifications and features understanding of how it operates in the client’s environment is much better understood. It also allows a comparison and  positioning our product against the competition. 

– Creative assessment –

Besides being within the training environment, real-world scenarios will be discussed in the final part of the product/service training.  We do “think out of the box”, “brainstorming” and a small knowledge check. In this creative assessment we identify if there are still gaps of knowledge and we also creatively brainstorm if the product has any gaps, means desirable features missing. Such findings we will introduce to the relevant product managers for the next product enhancement.

Please tell us about your requirements for product trainings or how to acquire certain servicing skills.

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