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Power and Control Harness Manufacturing for Switchgear Cabinets

Installing connectors and wiring in switch cabinets requires a substantial effort that could not be avoided until, now.

Pre-assembled cable harnesses and connector parts have typically to be inserted from the inside of the switch cabinet into a bulkhead mounted housing attached to the inner wall of the cabinet. This can be a rather complex challenge.

OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY is offering engineering services to produce your data package for cable assemblies and harnesses including production drawings, wiring diagrams, bill of material, cut list and label list together with testing procedures.

HARTING Connector H0
Jumper Cable Datapack
Han B rear mounting Inner Cabinet
The new connectors of the Han® B and the Han-Eco® B series provide valuable time advantages for equipment using the Han® B industry standard. For installation, both ends of the cable harnesses can be rear-mounted from the inside of the switch cabinet into the bulkhead-mounted housing.

The rear mounting option considerably simplifies the assembly of cabinets and therefore saves time and money. The switch cabinet units and the cable harnesses can be pre-assembled separately. This allows for the work to be divided up in a more optimal way; processes can even be automated or outsourced, if necessary in order to facilitate even more efficiency and therefore increase productivity.


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