On-Site Maintenance and Repair

We do On-Site Maintenance and Repair

OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY is specialized in routine on-site maintenance of solutions provided by our company. However, we also take over on-site maintenance of solutions which have been installed by other vendors.

– We come to your site for trouble shouting and repairs –

The same applies to on-site repair tasks, for example IT infrastructures like fiber optic and copper based networks. We follow our and our clients’ SOPs in order to achieve clearly structured work steps in which we analyze first, register the findings, propose measures and implement the needed action. All our test and repair equipment is transportable and can be brought on-site at any time easily.

– How do we work? – 

Example: fiber optic network issues

As per our experience, dusty connectors are one of the major problems in fiber optics, causing high connector loss, high reflectance and contamination. Up to 50% of all network problems can be traced to connectors causing problems either on the interface or on the boot-to-cable side.

  1. Optical Inspection
    Using special digital microscope for inspection of the ferrule interfaces
  2. Using of cleaning techniques
  3. Visual inspection, verification and video documentation
  4. OTDR measurement of connector and cable loss
  5. Detection of cable breakage or damages with VFL, Laser and OTDR tools
  6. Apply overall repair tasks like on-site splicing of fibers, on-site termination with new connectors and onsite cable repair
  7. Final test and measurement with OTDR.

We also provide emergency supply of spare parts and cables.

Please tell us about your requirements for on-site maintenance and repair.

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