Multi-band Railway Antennas - Indoor
OmPlecs® TOP 200 AMR MF 05 6 Indoor 1


OmPlecs®-TOP 200 AMR MF-05-4-MIMO 4×4 Indoor

Multiband-Train Antenna with certification / approval according to train standard EN 50155 for mounting on trains and vehicles.

RF ports:

ⓐ / ⓑ / ⓒ / ⓓ – WiFi


Dual-Band WLAN / WiFi

2.4 HGz, 5.8 GHz


Type (OmPlecs-TOP 200)
Height (40mm)

The OmPlecs-TOP 200 AMR train antenna series is characterized by an extremely flat design of only 40mm height and with a high antenna gain. By using metallic emitting structures without lossy components, a very high efficiency and service life is achieved. The multi-band technology with selective port assignment enables the use of several frequency bands on one RF port and cost reduction through unnecessary splitters or couplers.    

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