Multi Coaxial
Connectors - Assemblies

OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY offers Multi Coax Assemblies Made in UAE using components from a number of different suppliers. The assemblies are used at base station antennas, direction finders, industrial applications and in test and measurement. We are showing some Multi Coax connectors on this page:



MXP50 is a multi-coax solution with 8 or 16 connectors for RF and microwave testing up to 50 GHz. MXP50 is mechanically compatible with MXP18 and MXP40.


  • Operating range up to 50 GHz
  • Broadband characteristic
  • 4 mm (0.157 inch) pitch centre-to-centre
  • Standard phase matching down to +/- 2 ps
  • Slide-on mounting – no threading
  • Highly flexible and ultra stable Multiflex cable


NEX10™ is a miniature RF coaxial connector series with excellent PIM performance for outdoor telecom applications up to 20 GHz. It is a top performance solution for condensed connectivity like at multi MiMo 5G applications.


  • Operating range up to 20 GHz
  • Broadband characteristic
  •  Compact design 50% smaller than 4.3-10.
  • Configurations: Jack: square flange, bulkhead;  Plug: straight & right angle,  screw-on & push-pull coupling mechanism
  • NEX10™Miniature MULTI-COAX model with 4 or 5 coaxial connectors in same housing
Multi Coax Nex10 5Ports
Multi Coax Nex10 4Ports
HARTING Han Multi Module Coaxial 4 Ports Connector

Han Multi Module Multi Coax

Han ® Multi Module with either 4 or 12 DIN 41626 coaxial contacts for either 50 Ω or for 75 Ω impedance.


  • Operating range up to 3 GHz
  • 50 Ω model for RG174, RG188 and RG316 and comparable cables with solder or crimp termination up to 3 GHz
  • 75 Ω model for RG179 and RG187  or comparable cables with solder or crimp termination up to 2 GHz
  • Broadband characteristic
  •  Compact design
  • Configurations: with 4 or 12 coaxial connectors per Module
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