MIL RF and Microwave
Cable Assemblies

OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY offers MIL RF and Microwave Cable Assemblies where product and workmanship quality create products of highest reliability.

Achieving such reliability with microwave coaxial cable assemblies is a complex task due to sensitivity of all parts to mechanical and electrical adverse impacts often caused even by normal handling.

As per our observation, in most cases for non-performing systems, cable assemblies had been compromised.

RF Microwave Assemblies

Performance criteria for cable assemblies are laid ourt in numerous standards like MIL-C-17, MIT-DTL-17 and many more.

The mechanical stability and the temperature stability are very much linked to electrical  parameters such as voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR), radio frequency (RF) shielding effectiveness with VSWR values as low and as consistent as possible.

OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY has long standing experience in selection of the most suitable component and in manufacturing microwave cable assemblies.

Our microwave cable assemblies are covering frequency band up to 18 GHz and up to 40 GHz using flexible, semi-rigid and rigid cable types.

Check this link for more information about our purpose-built Microwave Cable Assembly Manufacturing

RF cable assembly
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