MS Windows Servers
Windows Server Architecture

OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY LLC has gained vast experience in installing, configurations and administrating Microsoft Windows Servers.

Microsoft Windows Server OS  is a series of enterprise-class server operating system designed to share services with multiple users and provide extensive administrative control of data storage, applications and corporate networks.

The kernel of Windows NT with the intent to provide speed, security and reliability that smaller organizations require in a server operating system. A key feature in the NT architecture is symmetric multiprocessing, which makes applications run faster on machines with several processors.

Key features in Windows Server include Active Directory, which automates the management of user data, security and distributed resources, and enables interoperation with other directories.

This experience we offer within our Managed Services which include

  • Webservers (IIS)
  • DNS servers (DNS)
  • Database server (MSSQL)
  • Active Directory services
  • Network access policy servers
  • WSUS servers
  • WDS Servers
  • Fileserver service
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