Linux/Unix Servers
Ubuntu Architecture
High Availability Ubuntu Architecture

Unix/Linux is the number ONE operating system for web servers, ERP servers, cloud computing, smart phones and consumer electronics.  Unix is used by 60% of all the websites where Linux is used by 40% of all the websites in 2019. As operating system Ubuntu is leading before many other OSs.

Administration of Linux servers requires a deep understanding of all technical details. OPTIMAL CONNECTIVITY LLC has gained vast experience in installing, configurations and administrating Linux/Unix servers. This experience we offer within our Managed Services SLAs which may include:

  • Web servers (NginX, Apache, Tomcat)
  • Ubuntu, Red Hat, …
  • DNS Servers (Bind)
  • Database Servers (MySQL, Postgres, …)
  • Web Proxy servers (Squid)
  • DHCP Server
  • High Availability Servers
  • HA Proxy Load Balancing
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