JetWave 2411 Jetwave 2111

JetWave 2411 Jetwave 2111

JetWave 2411 JetWave 2111
The JetWave2411/2111 are slim size industrial grade to cellular machine-to-machine (M2M) communication market. The Cellular Gateway series equips with one embedded 4G LTE Cat4/Cat1 module, one SIM slot, one MicroSD card slot, 1 serial port and 1 Fast Ethernet port for routing. With the next generation Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology, it supports up to 150Mbps DL 50Mbps UL/ 10Mbps DL 10Mbps UL for cellular communication.
The cellular router/gateway also supports remote management, secure connectivity, firewall/NAT features. The industrial grade design supports 24V (9V-30V DC) input, Digital Input and Output, wide operating temperature and heavy industrial grade

Specification: Industrial Cellular PoE Gateway


  • JetWave 2411/2111 LTE Cellular Gateway
  • Industrial Slim Size Cellular Router/IP Gateway
  • JetWave2411 (LTE Cat 4) max. 150M DL/50M UL
  • JetWave2111 (LTE Cat 1) max. 10M DL/5M UL
  • One MicroSD card slot support
  • 1 DI + 1 DO
  • 1 ports RS232/422/485 3 in 1 (RJ45 type)
  • 1 Fast Ethernet Port
  • VPN/Firewall/DMZ and Secure VPN Connectivity
  • LAN to 4G/LTE Routing
  • Remote management by Web GUI, SNMP, Auto IP Report, LAN View, Mobile Manager, NMS
  • 24V (9V – 30V) DC power input
  • Wide Temperature Range, Heavy Industrial Grade Design
  • Support GPS (Optional)


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